20px bottom margin getting added to some components

Hi @Lucas

Over time working with UIkit I’ve notices that some components get 20px margin “hard-coded” to the bottom, this can’t be removed in settings, only way to lose it is to use custom CSS to overwrite.

For instance, Breadcrumb adds it…

address, dl, fieldset, figure, ol, p, pre, ul {
    margin: 0 0 20px 0;

In many cases you can use the CSS uk-margin-remove but in some instances, like with the Breadcrumb stack, that doesn’t work.

Is there a reason for this extra 20px being added to some stacks?

This comes with the framework, don’t know why but that’s the default padding.

I thought that might be the same. It’s very odd, but not a biggie.

I worked out how to remove it cleanly from the Breadcrumb stack…

.uk-breadcrumb {
margin: 0 0 0 0;

I’m going to make some css that removes it from all components it gets added too and will update the TR KB: https://www.templaterepo.com/knowledgebase/index.php?controller=pjLoad&action=pjActionView&id=22