50% off Foundry, Platform, Source & UIkit3 projects

Happy new year folks!

Over the holidays I’ve been putting together a new resource: Template Repo: A source for fantastic projects for all the popular frameworks for Rapdiweaver.

Frameworks covered so far include UIkit3, Foundry, Platform & Source. And for the next week, I’m knocking 50% off ALL projects as a launch special.

Visit the new site here: https://www.templaterepo.com/

No need for any vouchers or minimum spends, all prices are reduced. Just add to your basket and checkout using a card via Stripe.

As it’s a new site, if anyone finds any teething issues, let me know in email or post a message here.



Just noticed it’s not so ‘free’ now??

Yes, and apologies. I did mean to post here about it, should have done so sooner.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, it’s the time spent putting it together. The first version was pretty quick, it was meant just as a taster, there was nothing “clever” (subjective!) with it, just a regular project. But when I finished it I could see no point in it existing. So I set about adding in some interesting features, which I felt pushed Sourced in various directions not intended.

Once I’d finished the new version I still had a mind to launch it for free, but then decided (after a message from Stuart about something unrelated but in which a comment was made) I went back to it and realised I wasn’t really harnessing the real power of Source: That is, the Container Base stack. So I went back thru the project and rebuilt it, this time, really focusing on base settings.

This all added a lot of time. Initially, the project took a couple of hours, in the end, I spent a couple of days on it, on and off.

I totally understand that now charging for it might upset some folks, and for that I’m sorry, but in the end, I felt it was better to turn out a worthwhile Source project into which I put a lot of effort and hopefully included some interesting features that cost a small amount than just turn out something that served no point.


Congrats, Steve! The new site looks great. Just bought some stuff from your shop… :-)

Best, Matthias

BTW: There seems to be an error with the “See Demo” link for the Loopy project.

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Good move to harness this super power the lies in the Container Bases.

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Fixed. Thanks.

Hi Steve
I guess you are talking about the NewYork project?

Yes, sorry, should have made that clear.

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Hi folks, just as an update, the sale will be ending this Friday.

I’m just putting some finishing touches to some new projects, the first of which is called Kitchen, which is built for Foundry: https://www.templaterepo.com/demos/kitchen/

Kitchen is styled around a kitchen showroom, but really that’s just to give me a focus, it can be really easily adapted to any purpose, just change the images!

The aim for Kitchen has been layouts that are different from the norm, clever navigation and the use of very subtle gradients. The layouts change a lot based on the screen width while retaining the same general design. I wanted to come up with something that keeps the user’s attention without resorting to animations. I think I’ve achieved that.

Kitchen uses Foundry and Potion Pack, plus the Blueprint suite of stacks (free) from Big White Duck, used to get the finite control over content layout and placement.

I’m expecting this project to go live over the weekend, so keep an eye on the new Template Repo site.

And of course, if you want to score a deal on any of the existing projects, buy them by Friday at 50% off.



@TemplateRepo Steve: Kitchen looks great. A couple of questions:

  1. when Kitchen comes out will it have a sale price? (I’m somewhat assuming it comes out later than Friday)
  2. you mentioned somewhere that you would also include a gallery using @Jannis Gallery 3 stack? Still true? (I know it will include the native Foundry Gallery stack)

Looking forward to the new release!


Hi, thanks.

  1. Yes. Not sure what yet, most likely 20-30%.
  2. Yes. I’ve not decided just how yet though. I could just simply duplicate the gallery page and replace the Foundry gallery with G3, but I’d prefer to try to do something a little different. I’m pretty sure I also have Wills Pro-Gallery too, so I might add that in there too.

Great! All sounds good. I think it’s worthwhile doing something a little different with G3 even if it means releasing the project later. Ditto with Pro Gallery.

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As you know, G3 and PG work in much the same way, so once I’ve worked out the design it’ll be easy to do alternatives. I think!

The weekend is still doable.


I’ve been working on the Gallery3 alt. page today, and after a long while playing with things, I’ve decided to not proceed.

Reason: Gallery3 is great, but it’s adding too much complication.

Foundry is primarily billed as a clean and simple drag and drop Rapidweaver framework, after talking with lots of Foundry users, the types who would purchase a Foundry theme, the over-riding feedback is that Gallery3, with it’s need for FTP access and understanding of root paths, is too much. More than a few expressed the view that with such a stack added, even though it could be entirely ignored, it would scare them off buying the project.

I do have a Gallery3 project available in the shape of Postergallery: https://www.templaterepo.com/#postergallery so I’m going to leave things at that.

Kitchen is now finished bar the housekeeping, and will released at the weekend.


Why not just use one of the four drag and drop methods of adding images to Gallery 3? You don’t need to use FTP or any remote source for images (but you can if you want to).

I would like to pay for it through PayPal not Stripe. Good day!🤗

I’ll look into Paypal.