A home page but no Home menu item

Just wondered what the team’s view was on a website which has several top level menu items but not one of them says ‘Home’. Instead, you’re supposed to click on the logo to go to the home page.

Good practice? Bad practice?



Seems to be very common practice and so I suppose people must be OK with it.

Depends on the audience, IMO.

I’ve done it a lot, mostly when the client wants too much in the menu and something has to go. I only doing it if the logo is top left, menu items top right, etc. As in, typical layout. And if the audience is typically web savvy. So for instance, bike shop focusing on mid to high end machine, typically a younger audience, typically web savvy, so no issue. I built a site recently for an opticians and wouldn’t have done it in this instance.

I wouldn’t do it - work to the lowest common denominator. Everyone knows what ‘Home’ means but I’d be surprised if more than 70% know to use a logo instead.