A new stack.....2 View

Hi all -

Am back again with another new stack for you! It’s called ‘2 View’ and is an image compare stack that lets you sit one image over another and allows the user to ‘reveal’ the lower one by interacting with it. It is a really great way to show off before and after type pictures though there are various other uses for it too.

I know there are some similar stacks available but here are some key features that set 2 View apart:

  • Vertical mode: Have the reveal go top-to-bottom (as opposed to the default left-to-right)
  • Responsive images: Option to supply different images for small and large devices
  • Add content: Add any stacks content that you like on top of the images - e.g. a title and/or a button etc!
  • Control the height: The default approach displays the full image but you can specify a maximum height whilst still having the image span the full width (see the ‘Norway’ example in the demo to see this in action)
  • No jQuery: 2 View is based on a vanilla javascript library. No need for jQuery here!

It is a really great little image stack to have in your page building toolbox. Until 10th October you can get 20% off with the code 2VIEW20.

View demo

Any questions let me know.



Another winner, love the height and vertical option!


NICE!!! Instant buy! 👍

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Thanks to all for the response to 2 View!

Have just pushed out an update that allows you to easily target the 2 images with some CSS. More details and a demo can be found via our release notes.