A nice wedding?

But a nice marriage between Poster2 and Quick Editor Admin from 1LD?
And give birth to a cute little baby named Poster2Editor?
He would be the most beautiful boy of the year.


The name will be Volt CMS.


Wow, I just made a post requesting this EXACT setup! How wonderful it will be forthcoming. This is a very common need for sites-providing a simple bloc area for the client to log in and post things with no complicated Admin, markdown. Just a login and password for them to add simple stuff. A dedicated Blog page or section on a page that the client can edit via browser will be most welcome.

When Jannis, when?

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Sorry about the delay.

I have an initial working version, a lot of work still has to be done.

As this will not be released for RW any more, we also have to wait for Stacks Pro to get the party started 😅


Understood. Personally I can’t wait for Stacks Pro and the possibility of leaving RW behind. Sending Isaiah lots of creative energy!

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And it’s been available for Blocs for quite some time now. It’s great.

Capto_Capture 2023-03-24_07-15-50_am

Might want to double check that description Jannis ;)



And I thought I’ve got all places corrected. Thanks @Erwin-Leerentveld

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Very, very exciting news. Delighted to see this Jannis!!

PS Wish I’d know about this a while back, I would have really pushed for €10k website project 😭