A question for the Paddle users

I’ve not looked too hard into this yet, but, I understand that Paddle first add their 5% to your product price, then add the local VAT. Which I think means you can’t really advertise a price on your website, as it’ll change depending on the location of your customer.

So, how do you manage this?

Or, am I misunderstanding how Paddle etc. works?

They don’t add their fee on they just take it off the sale price.

You can opt for the price of your product to either include VAT or for it to be added during checkout. Either way there is a code snippet that you can add to buttons etc that will display the localised price.


Aha, that’s pretty cool. Thanks.

You can see the snippet here: https://instacks.com/paddlestack/

Let me know if you need a free version of it 😉


That’s brilliant, thanks Jannis. If I go the Paddle route I’ll buy it, no need for freebies here. Support the devs, etc.