A stack like RapidWeaverCentral's RibbonThing?

Hi all,

In the past, RapidWeaverCentral sold RibbonThing; a stack that allowed you to put a slanted text into the corner of another stack. Something like the text “Special offer” in the example below:

RapidWeaverCentral took that stack offline and now only offers SideRibbonThing (which isn’t what i’m looking for).

Does anyone know of another stack out there that offers similar functionality?


Hi Erwin,

Here’s a dropbox link for RibbonThing. Let me know if it still works!




“Badger” by Stacks4Stacks would be another option: Badger | Stacks4Stacks

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Thanks Marten!

Unfortunately, the stack doesn’t (or no longer) work(s).

I can install it, and drag it into a project, but I’m unable to drag another stack into it. When I try to, the dragged stack lands either above or below RibbonThing on the page, but never inside it.

At first I thought it was my choice of stack, but the standard Text stack that comes with Stacks can’t be dropped onto RibbonThing either.

Capto_Capture 2022-07-27_02-04-14_pm

Hi @wolf,

Thanks! that seems to do the trick!

I’ll have a play with that.


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