Activate a page modal PopDrop from another page link

I have a PopDrop modal on a “Diary” web page triggered by a Source button, I would like that from the “Home” page through another Source button, clicking, it would open me the “Diary” page triggering the PopDrop modal.

the DIARIO page where the PopDrop modal is active is: DIARIO | Gianluca.Online
the ARCHIVE button triggers the MODAL

The HOME page is this:
I would like the ARCHIVE button of this page to open the DIARIO page triggering the MODAL

Is it possible to do this?
Thank you.

You cannot open a PopDrop from a query string in the URL which is what you would need in order to link to it from another page however you can do exactly that with Limelight.

I think Limelight would be a better choice for your modal content display as well. While PopDrop is a fancy tooltip, Limelight is designed as a modal lightbox from the start. To open a Limlight from another page you just use the ID of the limelight content like this:

It works perfectly, THANK YOU.
But I see that there is a delay, about 3 seconds to open, in the opening in the Limelight Content if I use the syntax ?ll=mycontent, I also tried to insert a button in the inside of the page where limelight resides with ?ll=mycontent, but the delay remains.
Can this delay be removed?

It can be seen by clicking the ARCHIVE button at

Using Limelight Launcher on the page there is no delay.

The delay is while your page loads 4.5Mb of images. Limelight will not render block and so waits until your page is loaded before running. Because your page takes a long time to load the images then you only see the lightbox once they are all loaded.

If you click the button directly then the images are already cached and your page load is complete - you see the lightbox immediately.

This has really highlighted the fact that you should perhaps try and reduce the page image weight and get it to load more quickly.

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Thanks so much.

Thanks for your suggestion, I put limelight in the menu, I really like this solution.
Thanks again.

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