ADA Compliance in USA

Does anyone know the lasted info on this subject? I was just contacted by a company trying to sell me on their compliance solution. I’m a little concerned because none of my sites are completely ADA Compliant. I’m finding mixed reports online about if this is now mandatory for websites or not and if it is where do I even begin bringing my site up to speed so their complaint.

This might be useful, there are a few useful ideas on the first page. As is often the case, it depends on how far down the rabbit-hole you want to go with your site.

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Why not use Googles Accessibilty report inside Light PageSpeed. We know that careful choice of Stacks framework and stacks can build a 100% Accessible site.

A quick read of the ADA Guidance above looks like they are using Google’s Accessibity guidance.

Not located in the USA, I am not familiar with ADA Compliance, but searching about seems to produce many conflicting opinions, but mostly fee paying commercial services to sell you an ADA service or legal services that will defend you against the threat of non ADA Compliance litigation. This is very similar to the EU GDPR fuss that was raging about 5 years ago and we all got bombarded with GDPT service offers or threats.

My view is that we should all be building (and updating all sites) to be 100% Lighthouse Accessibility sites anyway whether there is mandatory compliance or not.


Thanks @Webdeersign I forgot that Google Light PageSpeed had a acessibility meter. I’m scoring a 90 on mobile and 93 on Desktop, this make me feel alot better about where my site is at with acessiblity.

thanks @LiveShots, there’s some good info in there.