Adding GA to RW site

It’s been ages since I added GA to a site, well over a year and it’s all changed now.

I asked the client for the code, and all they sent was a number consisting of 8 digits. Asked them for the full code, they said that was it!

How is it done nowadays?

(Googled it, but all instructions seem to be for the old way).


You lot are useless!

Found out it’s now generic code, with the digit code added.

Google tell you to place it in the header but you’re better off placing it in the body.
If its in the header it will have to execute before the page renders, if you place it in the body it goes right at the bottom of the page and will only execute after the render. It wont make any difference to the GA results but will shave off a few milliseconds from the load time.

Just in case you’re incompetence it up to its usual level here’s a screen shot of GA in one of my sites so you can check for diffrences:
I assume the UA-50850074-7 is the unique bit, notice its used twice