Advice from the Affinity Designer peeps

I need to reconstruct this png in Designer, so I can change it around accordingly.

As I see it the logo consists of two layers, the green and the blue bit. These layers have a grey stroke. I just want to replicate the two layers, I won’t be applying the stroke.

I’m getting good with Designer, but this is above my skillset at the mo. Anyone any advice?


I’m no artist so the penwork isn’t as good as others could do, but here’s my cut:

Affinity Designer file Link


I don’t use Affinity but here’s a couple of SVGs from AI which should open OK.

One includes the width of the original grey outline - the other doesn’t. Subtle difference. Here’s the PNG versions:

No-outline With-outline

Thanks gents, really appreciate the help.

On this cold and rainy Sunday morning, I made a video going through how this is done in Affinity Designer


@tgr Top man, thanks for this - worth a watch for anyone using Affinity.

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Agreed. That was excellent!

I am in awe. That’s is fantastic. Just watching that once and I’ve learned so much about Designer. Thank you so much @tgr.

As Designer starts to get more use in the RW comm, maybe we need a way to keep this sort of thing together?

That’s a really good Affinity tutorial and perfectly presented.

It is always interesting to see how others approach these tasks and always informative.

I would probably have gone for a solution using circles overlayed onto the original image to get the correct dimensions, and then by a process of subtracting and adding circle shapes, made the outer ring for 1 of the 5 radial ratchets, and then copied and pasted that image an extra 4 times by rotating by 72 degrees for each paste.

Your precise approach puts my quick and dirty solution to shame.

Or I may have checked out my favourite iPad App - Assembly to build it by subtracting and combining using pre defined shapes in much the same way.

I did actually have a go at this the other night. I’m not going to insult people with a video of how I did mine (which I won’t be using on the final site), but this image more or less explains it.

I made one shape, then copied and rotated it. Not unlike the method in the video, but with zero precision!

I grouped these layers and duplicated them, hid one of the groups and merged the layers in the other, then did the subtract thing. When my version gets small it is almost passable, but when it’s enlarged it’s a mess, but for he mock-up it sufficed.

For the inside blue bit, i completely cheated and copied it from the original, it’s just a single layer with some stroke.

Wow - thank you Trond! Your video is fantastic. I watched it once straight through, and will watch it again as I (try to) duplicate what you were doing. I learned quite a bit this morning…so, thank you!

Great to see a master at work and explaining how to go about achieving a design goal - thanks for sharing I learnt much.


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Very nice. Affinity Designer brings back memories of Corel Draw!