Alloy and other themes

Can anyone tell me if Alloy works with themes other than Foundry?

The new Foundry v3 which is completely different to v2, apparently requires a “shim” stack to style Alloy.

So there lies the solution. I always thought that Alloy would use the Bootstrap4 styling and may also display a red Use Foundry warning.

This shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out. I don’t have Alloy, but I am sure others who do, could peep under the hood may be able to figure this out.

@Webdeersign I have Foundry 2 but the site I am developing is using the Source theme and stacks. I suppose I could use the Foundry theme on just the page I would use Alloy on but then I would have the problem of no Source navigation on that page.

You can certainly do that. I am currently working on a huge Foundry site and I am gradually replacing existing Foundry pages with Source and all new pages have been built with 100% Source. I have also used the Source Grid Enable on every Foundry page to add the stuff I can’t build with Foundry.

The pagespeed scores are all increased and some are significantly better than the original Foundry pages.

No problem mixing Foundry and Source navbars because they both pickup the pages from RW and you can style teh Source nav to look identical to teh Foundry one. Alternatively use a 3rd party navbar but I would say try it first.

@Webdeersign Thanks for that I’ll give it a try. Do you know if Alloy will work with Foundry 2 ?

Alloy requires Foundry 2. It’ll work with Foundry 3 using the F3 Shim stack.

Any other framework may cause issues, so wouldn’t be supported.

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