Any Blocs 3 users in the house?


If I am looking at the wrong elements on the page I apologise. I thought we were talking about the Mac mini background overlays?


Regardless if parallax or fixed or whatever: if it looks good, it’s fine 😉


I though we were talking about the parallax effects in general there are a few ways to apply them in app.


OK, I didn’t realise you meant those elements. I obviously completely refute the idea that they are even “pseudo” parallax (as their rate varies with scroll position - to zero) but I am a physicist and completely out of my depth when it comes to vague designer speak :)

The page looks great though, I can’t seem to say that enough as people seem to miss that when I type it. I’m just a sad techy :)


Snap. 🤓

I obviously pipe up more in this thread because of the subject matter. But In general, I love the debate and discussion of the creation of content for web.

I always see past the compliments and look for the problems, the critiques, I don’t learn anything from compliments. (Not referring directly to your comments)


Meanwhile back on the mothership:


Not sure what to make of that image really.


Lol ya. It’s just creepy.

That sweater though


Its all good, I just like a debate too. Things just get obscured by artists :) :

web designers, biologists etc. - you know the types.


Biologist = Artist, cool :) I can live with that


That is what has made it so enjoyable for me, the fact that it is fun!

There is so much to learn about Blocs and every time I think I have found something I need, I find it supplied by the app. An impressive effort, very stoked to have discovered it.

Finished one small site now I’m on to something a little larger.


Are there any free Blocs templates? It is rather intimidating at a blank page.


There are one or two starting to create templates, much like themes. You could check out this one as an example

If you are familiar with stacks and the concept of building column structures I think you’ll get to grips with the basics of Blocs really easily and not need any templates. You could also find plenty of help on the forums.


Not a proper Blocs user but the demo version certainly seems to have a LOT of pre-built…“mini templates” (for lack of a better description), which look a very good starting point.


This is a great question and there were at least two threads on the RW forums mentioning “is it possible to build sites without themes and stacks only” - so I think this fits that need also 😃

And @pmjd description is good “mini templates” that can be dropped in and the design takes shape quite quickly


I spent months, if not years, repeatedly replying to mails asking how I created the “Parallax” effect on my website so that it worked on mobile!
THAT is NOT parallax, the background image is static!


Yes, that was the one surprise I had with the app, the fact that I could not find any free simple projects to study. There is a nice for pay option but I was not quite ready to spring for that just yet.


Here is an interesting short video showing a small update to the Blocs Mac Mini demo site to adjust the point at which the animated text appears. You can see from the video how easy it is to use the Class Manager & Editor and also how fast the preview is.




I’m planning to give Blocs a try soon, got a few big projects to get finished, then I’m going to give it a lash. Does Blocs use files in the same RW uses projects? If so, can these “projects” be downloaded and played with?

I learn best by deconstructing.


Yes, just like RW project files in that respect. Check out Eldar’s amazing projects at .