Any ideas on how the centre Airbnb embed iframe

Hi all,

I’m hoping someone can offer some advise please on how to centre Airbnb embed code.

Placed the codes in 2 column stack using Foundry 3.

Screenshot show how I’ve got it setup.

Foundry 3 Column stack set to Align Content centre but this does not centre the airbnb properties in the 2 columns.

This is the code airbnb have provided…for this post I have changed the property id to xxxxxx.

Show On AirbnbTiny home in Pemberton · ★5.0 · 2 bedrooms · 2 beds · 1 bath

Please see draft website here. Riverside

Many thanks for your ideas.

Cheers Scott

I didn’t even realise Airbnb had embed codes. So that’s handy to know.

Weirdly, I’m just doing some work to one of my airbnb rental sites, so I’ll for sure look at this.

I also use F3, so if I work out how to fix your issue, I’ll let you know.

EDIT: I’ve now got the code for my property, dragged an F3 column stack to the page, added two columns and dropped the code into each, using an HMTL stack. It looks fine, the columns are centrally aligned. Are you using the column stack in auto layout?



Thanks, for testing with your Airbnb embed.

Yes I have column stack in auto layout…mmm.

Screenshots in first post show my column settings and the result…the airbnb listings are displayed aligned left in the columns.

Wondering why it’s centred for you…does your html code supplied by airbnb look same as mine?

Thanks Scott

Ya. Looks the same.

It’s possibly something else on the page. Send me your project as a download link in a private message and I’ll get a look at it for you.

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Where do you guys find the AirBnB API of your place?

Go to your listing editor, click view, then in the popup click the share icon. You will get the embed code.

To be honest though, what gets embeded is pretty rubbish. It’s really just a small gallery and a link to the listing on Airbnb. You’d be better making your own little section.

Thanks for sharing these insights mate as I found it very much useful and informative.