Any interest in a non-developers non-expert self-help group?

I was wondering if there was any interest in a non developers non expert self help group. To help out each and offer ideas on layouts and general web design. I’d find it really helpful to get general advice on design improvements on various sites and to help out others who maybe are less experienced. anyone interested ? Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that could improve the work but working alone it’s hard to see

Attend one of my webinars. That’s what we do. (There’s one scheduled for 8 this morning, Torquay time.)

Also post here for feedback, advice, suggestions etc. One way or another, we’re all beginners here.

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hi yes will attend , tbh i only saw that you do these last week , are they recorded ?

haha i think that might be stretching the word ‘beginner’ , I’ve seen your guy’s work. I’d love to do ‘better’ sites , sometimes i get a glimpse of what Im missing in the layout, but then spend days trying to understand why I cant get to that … I really enjoy making them though and can’t stop ! Look forward to the next meet :)

I meant more that we’re all relative beginners at something… The beauty of these workshops — and working with RapidWeavers in general — is that so many are experts, creatives and professionals in other fields. I learn something new on this forum every day.


Marten’s webinars are well worth attending. For instance this week we recreated this webpage

Mainly the movement stuff and all of us wished we lived in a world where the webpages calculation for what we could charge for web work might be true!!!



Are these webinars recorded for viewing ?

Bloody hell, I’d love to get my hands on that project.

Is it available?


No. Some of us record the bits we are interested in, but they arnt recorded for public viewing

Ask @Marten

thanks for the link!
reasonable prices for professionals ( tax included) but this price is related the the “service”. The site is only a part of the work (some time the minor part).

Just seen something on TV. The guy that built Ryan Air’s first website was just 15, and plucked a figure of 20k out of the air to build it. He later found our the next best quote was 4.5 million euros. I bet that was tough to swallow.