Any recommendation for a Rapidweaver Project?

I have a client that wants a one-page website like you keep going down for the content with a floating menu that follows you. It’s a company that build kitchens, so they have a lot of pictures to showcase. Let me know of a nice project to buy and work on. I have Foundation 1 and Foundation 6 and obviously Stacks lol I will be reading you.

Do you need someone else’s project?

You could build this yourself with Big White Duck stacks. For the floating and one page menu you could use Chroma Pro Choma Stacks for RapidWeaver and MagicGellen 2 MagicGellan2 Stack for RapidWeaver

Both stacks are free and have demo templates that you can download. (From which you can learn how they work and implement them to your liking)

Do drop the Dev (Tav) a donation tho. They are really useful and powerful stacks


I’m not sure what exactly what you mean by floating menu.

Here is a really good kitchen site built using Stacks with what you could call a floating menu.

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Yes I made those kind of websites with that “floating” menu with Foundation 1. That will be my last resource if I don’t find what the client wants. They didn’t give me a reference they just said “small menu icon on top of the page that follows you but we don’t want a bar menu” I remember seeing what they need somewhere, so I will keep searching.

That’s it! Thanks for the suggestion! I wish I knew that a couple of months ago! I did This one with Foundation 1 and it wasn’t as simple as I thought, though.


This might be useful to you: home It’s one of my templates called Kitchen.

Get it here: Buy pre-built Rapidweaver projects and templates.


I don’t have Foundry.

What about this