Archetypon’s new ’Card Slider’ stack

I saw the announcement for Archetypon’s new ’Card Slider’ stack.

I already have the ‘Card’ stack from Yuzool Themes (,which I purchased a couple of years ago.

I don’t see any differences and if I click on ‘view source’ in a browser, I don’t understand what I’m looking at.

Could anyone let me know if there’s a difference or a unique feature in Archetypon’s stack different from Yuzool’s Card stack, or is it the same thing, just repackaged by a different developer?

Hi Seth

Welcome to the forum.

It’s almost the same stack: I believe the main difference is the way you can use any stack on both description and card areas, although images are most indicated for the card area.

There’s a quick how-to video I’ve made this morning, there you can also spot differences:


The main difference is that the new “Card Slider” is from a well-respected developer who is committed to supporting his customers. The older one which you purchased years ago is from … well … quite the opposite (in my opinion). In addition the new stack will probably use up-to-date versions of all those scripts needed to create this fantastic effect. The old stack has not been updated in the last years as far as I know.
All this makes the decision easy which of these two stacks I would use in my own or in my client projects… ;-)


Lucas, can the cards be presented in a 90-degree orientation, i.e. straight up and own as opposed to angled?

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Hey Tom

Welcome back.
No but I’ll add this one to the wish list.

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Thanks Matthias, you’re a gentleman :-)

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Thanks for the reply, Lucas. I really like the floating/shadow effect and would like to use the stack for short slide presentations in some of my online classes. However, the angled orientation may be a bit off-putting when used for repeated instances of instructional materials. Thanks for considering the idea.

Good suggestion!!

Thank you Lucas for the very quick reply. I watched the video and noticed the images/cards were cut off at the bottom. Is that just a padding and margins setting you didn’t use in the video or is that something that could happen each time?

Thanks FichtMedia for the Yuzool advice. I’ve read and heard many bad things about Yuzool on most of the forums so it makes sense to stay away from them. I also like Tom’s idea for a different orientation. I recall asking Yuzool about the same orientation question a long time ago and surprise, I never heard back from them.

Yep some cropping may happen if we use one image in portrait format, there’s no padding or margin applied. Height is configurable, so it could help, but I see that images in landscape format will adjust better into the container, even two images side by side.

Nice stack @Lucas

I’ve made a slight variation to the layout using it in UIkit3.

Instead of putting the text for each slide in the Item box, I’ve left them empty. Instead, floating some text over the whole slider using the Position stack. It’s a handy way to get the effect of the slider image but with a constant message.


Hey Steve…always creative :-)

Thank you for creating this stack! I have the older stack mentioned in this thread.
Is it possible to:
Add a background image behind the cards
Turn off the card opacity when viewed on mobile


Hi Anon,

Yes and yes.

  • for the background image use the background settings of the stack.
  • there’s the transparency control for the opacity level.

I’ve updated my little test project a bit; using the UIkit3 visibility and background stacks I’ve set things up so that on smaller screens the slider disappears is is replaced with a regular background image. This is for instances where the trans slider images are not required on small screens.

No idea if this is possible to add to the main stack, or if anyone else would set things up this way? But if so, I suggest that by default on screens below a certain size slide one becomes the background and all others, along with the slide function, are disabled.


Hey Steve, on your demo the first image is not loading, there’s an error 404 so maybe you should re-publish the files.

That’s happened a few times now, think maybe the image was corrupt. I’ve removed it now.