Are you tired of WordPress news on this forum?

Well, if you’re not, here’s a funny (and serious, at the same time) story:


All very well Rob, but I have just taken over 2 wordpress sites - one of them quite big and important. Not fun!

I am planning to move them over to RW / Stacks Pro, but that is going to take quite a lot of time.

I feel you, Nick…

I am subscribed to several RSS feeds on security and privacy. There are new breaches every day, so I try to convey to the forum those that might be of biggest interest to members.

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Just by way of a little context:

As of 2024, there are about 1.98 billion total websites on the web. More than 835 million sites use WordPress.

When you get to these sort of numbers there will always be a lot of problems but the real question is what percentage of sites face the issues - particularly when they implement adequate security.

It is undoubtedly true that it is easier and more profitable to run a profession agency using WordPress than any app as many of our ex users have demonstrated over the years.

I don’t make sites for a living from either product (WP or RW) so I only post this by way of a little context and balance.


+1, I manage half dozen sites, updating Elementor and all the plugins ( only paid plugin) at least once a month is mandatory.
In 2023, Elementor required several security updates, some urgent.

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