Armadillo Login

Hello to all,

I have helped a friend set up a simple website using Stacks and the Armadillo stack (as opposed to using RW built-in blog page). It’s been a while since I’ve used Armadillo. Everything went well and the site and blog are working well (I still need to get the SSL certificate but that’s not too challenging).

I was posed with a question regarding remote login to add posts. Right now we have used the log in stack to have access to the Armadillo dashboard. The question is that if we hide the login link on the blog site, how can access be gained to the dashboard to add posts remotely.

In my mind (and that is a dangerous place to store things lately) I recall being able to enter the dashboard by typing in a specific url. Am I imagining things, and if I am, how can access be gained to the dashboard if the link is hidden?

Thanks in advance!


Hiding a link merely doesn’t display it in the navigation bar. If you know the link, you can type it into your browser’s address bar and it will work.

Normally, you’d make a page with an easy to remember name, something like

It’s up to you what to call it really.


Thanks! That is exactly what I had done in the past - a separate hidden-page dedicated to login only. Like I said, my mind is a lint-trap of randomness lately, where things are hidden behind other things.