Armadillo question about linking back to blog list

A few years ago, Jonathan Head at Nimblehost posted the following code that you could add into a HTML stack after the main Armadillo Blog stack, that would create a Back link to the blog list.

I am pretty sure this used to work but it looks like the syntax is not correct.

The code is <php if ($_GET['post_id']) { echo '<a href="">Back to blog page</a>'; } ?>

However, resulting link is not created correctly and what is displayed is Back to blog page'; } ?>

Anyone ( maybe @mitchellm ) know what’s wrong here?

Alternatively, anyone know of an alternative way to add a BACK link to an Armadillo post?

<?php if ($_GET['post_id']) { echo 'Back to blog page'; } ?>
with <?php at the beginning.

Thanks but that didn’t’work.