Background Images in a Container Plus Stack

In the Source / Lawyer Project I placed background images in the Small and Medium (local) boxes within Container Plus. The full images show in these boxes - but at the site level they are resized, cropping out people. In the STH Project Page this doesn’t happen, so I assume I am doing something wrong. Anybody have an idea



Hi Doug - background images will often crop out some content so that it can still cover all of the required space. Which section were you recreating? Are you using your own images or the supplied ones?

Re-creating the Contact Us Section. Using your images in small and medium. I thought I was following along pretty good…but your site shows the full image…and mine crops?

Hard to picture what the difference might be without actually seeing your version. Did you give the grid item the same minimum height value as used in the video/project?

Is it possible to have a scaling svg as a background image?

Yes, set the Container Plus stack to a warehoused image and point to the SVG file.

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As simple as that? Wow 😮. Thank you 😊

You can also use a Container Base stack to load an SVG background as a Base (Background 1) or Base (Background 2) which can then be used as the BG forany Container. One of the big advantages of this approach is that you can use the same BG in multiple Containers as the BG, and when you alter the master SVG BG, i.e. the SVG BG in the Container Base, then every instance of that Container BG will change. This is a great way to design a layout by trial and error.

I created a tutorial at which give more specific details.