Best RW8 + modules for on-site blog in sections?

I’m considering purchasing RW8 at the moment, for what amounts to re-spins of several of my domains and sites. Each site is numerous pages, with a general intro, about + contact, and then a series of categories, under which are effectively blog-type articles with text, images, sometimes an image gallery or video…which are only created by me, so I’d like to use RW8 for the content creation versus an add-on blogging module, at least at this point in time.

The RW8 blog type is sort of lacking from what I’ve seen, while modules abound, but I’m unsure which would help, so here’s an example workflow.

  1. Set up basic site theme, layout, nav/menu locations. Don’t come back and mess with this once done. (for the most part)
  2. Create basic intro content, about, contact page - don’t touch again once done. (for the most part)
  3. Define sections of the site - for example, this might be something like:
    Outdoor Fun / Camping
    Outdoor Fun / Camping / Gear
    Outdoor Fun / Camping / Locations
    Outdoor Fun / Camping / Trips
    Outdoor Fun / Boating
    Outdoor Fun / Boating / Choosing a boat
    Outdoor Fun / Boating / Gear

Now, normal usage - I’m going to be added content pages to each section, and sometimes a new section. Focus is on the content to get it done and published. Let’s do a dry run.

I bought a new tent and we gave it a ‘workout’ on a trip. Lots of pics synced to my Photo Library as a result. I’m going to do two articles/posts here - 1 each under Gear and Trips.

Create a new sub-page under the section. Title appropriately, possibly modify date if I’m slack as usual… ;) Use a pre-defined general template, but mostly a blank page with site heading, nav and possibly some predefined H2 sections for Overview and Conclusion, and otherwise add text, drag in images preferably automatically resampled from with captions, sometimes links, drag them around within reason… proofread then publish it. I would expect menus etc. to update accordingly and within a section, at least maintain a previous/next in section type of links…

Repeat the above fairly often and there’s a fair amount of content in a timespan of a year, like the hundreds of pages I’ve got to migrate from currently…

What would best enable making something like the above reasonably easy in RW8?
Bonus if there’s a way to sanitize image importing to re-sample and re-size vs doing all outside of RW8.

Did you already had a look at

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I did. It was one of the only things coming up for blogs or articles I could find in the community and broader web searches that might help out, and found your stuff for both RW and Blocs.

Looks like it needs RW8 + Stacks + Posters. Does either of the latter help with image management/sanity of converting/re-sampling of high-res images, or is that something just inherently outside of RW8 and I’d be better off doing batch resampling of images?

Is there anything in RW or Posters that would help or hurt in a multi-level menu/layout like mentioned above? Is it possible to have multiple ‘blog’ top levels within a single site, or can you map a menu item to a directory or tag? In the above example, let’s assume that Camping and Boating are both on the same site but are effectively independent of each other - when someone navs to either, they should only see the list of articles for the one selected. There are likley other ways to do this, e.g. map a menu item to a tagged set of posts, but ?

Finally, in the event anyone has other ideas that can help, I’m saying ‘blog’ which is probably the closest, but it’s really a large number of howtos, reviews, articles - if there’s a more appropriate inherent type or add-on, please advise.

Do all image editing outside of RW.

You can have multiple poster pages inside a project, all disconnected from each other.

Poster Stack is there for blogs, faqs, product pages, all kind of stuff.

There is no add-on image editor for RW that I’m aware of but if you have A Lot of images, RetroBatch was a suggestion I have found useful. They have a free trial and that makes it worth a look.
It can be a set it once and forget it App or have a few different fixed settings to easily apply.

You could use this for navigation perhaps.
It’s really going to come down to you doing research.
It’s always easier with a free demo to make the decision…
Navigation should be easy with RW.
Link turns any stack within it into a link.