Best stacks to use with Source theme

Hi @habitualshaker, I recently bought the Source Add-on stacks and have started playing around with it…and I’m amazed at the scores I’m getting with PageSpeed Insights!

I want to keep my scores as high as possible (and maximize the benefit of using Source), so I was wondering if there is a list somewhere that tells me which RW stacks are lightweight like Source stacks (there’s no point using a lightweight micro framework if I add a bunch of “heavy” stacks that slow down my page).


  • Are Big White Duck’s layout stacks (Section Pro, Sections Box) a good fit with Source?
  • What about parallax stacks (like Joe Workman’s Parallax stack)?
  • And is there a background video stack that is lightweight? (Doobox’s Play, or Nick Cates’ Vast video stack?)

It would be so great if there was a table somewhere that would tell us which stacks are lightweight and which ones are not the best to use with Source :)

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This is something that has been mooted but there isn’t anything available currently. I do think it would be useful but I’d need to fully consider how it would work / what criteria is used etc.

All the stacks you mention I’m sure are fine to use. I’d always recommend though to just use what your page needs - as opposed to using things just because you can. Keeping things simple wherever possible is generally the best bet (I believe anyway).

The code for things like background video stacks will likely be tiny compared to the video that you are using them with so it’s considering that side of things too.

If you do find particular stacks that you think suit (or don’t suit) Source then please do report back!

And if you need recommendations for particular stacks / functionality then ask here as plenty of others will have advice for that.

Ok, thanks Stuart :)

One other question @habitualshaker : is it possible to create unclickable parent menu items with Source?

…and if it’s possible, does it hurt my SEO if I do that?

Parent menu items are unclickable in Source - they just toggle a drop down to display the child pages. No issue with SEO using this approach- it’s how most sites in the wild work.

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Hi @habitualshaker , one more question regarding this topic…

It’s great that unclickable parent menu items are automatic…but what if I have a client who wants clickable parent menu items? Is there a way to enable this? Or do I have to use a different theme in order to make this work for them?

Hi - that is not an option with the Source menu. You would need to use a third-party menu stack if you really needed that feature.

You should offer what the web user expects and not necessarily what the client wants.

Most navigation systems work in the way that the Source Nav works. The potential issue is that a user who is used to non clickable parent links, may not know that a parent link has a page that will be linked to, and they will hover over the parent item, but not click on it.

If for example, you want a parent nav link to be Products, that links to a unique page for Products, and have a drop down for Product 1, 2, 3 etc, then there is a better way to do this with Source. You create a Parent item called Products, and have 4 sub pages - All Products, Product 1, 2, 3 etc. Doing it this way will cater for every user and there would be no possibility of a user missing the All Products page.

Thanks for the suggestion, @Webdeersign! I will do that!