Best way to achieve this layout

I’ve been trying to achieve this layout using d-flex in Source but not getting the results I’m hoping for. The layout looks simple but it’s surprisingly tricky (at least for me it is). Should I be coming at this with Grid Pro? Any help would be appreciated.

i am sure @Webdeersign had a couple of tutorials on this forum that did this kind of thing using the utility classes.

or yes - you could certainly do it with Grid Plus / Pro. A nice feature in them is that for any grid item you can ‘Control layout at BP’ and opt to use flex direction ‘row’ for it. That combined with the ‘make content inline’ setting lets you easily have different stacks (all added to the same grid item) laid out horizontally.

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I think I covered this in the Source - STH Examples sub forum some time ago. Lookk at the examples which start with a number somehing like Demo No 4, 5 etc…

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