Biggest Nightmare - averted

Afternoon lovely RW people.

I’ve had a stiff drink and recovering after a nightmare this morning…

Went to open my regular website project and it crashed. Nothing new, its RW. Unfortunately it continued to crash repeatedly, so I restarted the machine and tried again. Nothing. I tried installing 3.9.4 and it still crashed.

Things are getting serious. I checked another project. Crash.

Then an older project, nearly opened before crashing

Fresh install of RW 3.9.4 and Stacks 5 on a ‘virgin’ machine and it all started to work. Tears of Joy.

Long story short; an update has clearly broken something. I’m not sure what, but Stacks is in the frame.

A restore of the Add Ons folder from Backup and a fresh download of Stacks 5 seems to have done it on the main machine.

What does anyone else do in this situation?

First, I’m assuming you really mean RW 8.9.4 and not 3.9.4. If you are actually using version 3 then … that’s the problem! But I have to assume that’s just a typo.

I’ve never experienced anything like you did. But have you updated something in the past x-hours between when it was working fine and not? Perhaps you bought or updated a specific stack?

Indeed, 8.9.3, then .4 😊

Everything was working beautifully on Friday, bar a couple of crashes during the day and I’ve not updated or purchased anything. This morning was hell. Thankfully it all came right eventually, but I gained a few more grey hairs. It has really made me question things going forwards as it all goes to the dogs when backups cannot be opened either.

Got it. So within 24 hours you were on 8.9.3 and then you upgraded to 8.9.4.

I checked and I’m on 8.9.3. I think 8.9.4 came out awhile ago. I “think” I upgraded and then went back to 8.9.3. I don’t remember why (I’ve been way too busy) but I very vaguely remember there seemed to be no benefits to 8.9.4 and potentially some downsides — but I don’t remember the details at all. Sorry.

I was running 8.9.3 for the same reasons. I have no recollection why I reverted but it worked fine - until today.
I hate pointing fingers, but the only real change bar refreshing the Add Ons was a fresh Stacks 5 download. I’m fairly sure it was all up to date previously.

Stay sober.

Or get another drink 🍺