Black Friday Sale


Black Friday is here (well almost) and we have a 2 week sale window for you to get your hands on any of our Shaking the Habitual goodness at some silly prices.

  • Get 40% off any individual stack, project file or course with the code sth-bf-stacks
  • Get 30% off our stack bundle with the code sth-bf-bundle (and remember our stack bundle comes with a coupon code that will get you 50% off all future stacks!)
  • And there’s also a Black Friday exclusive bundle deal to be had too with a whopping 50% off that!!

Find out more here


Excellent. Course purchased.

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Very tempting to get the stack bundle as I only have Source so far. November was meant to be saving for other stuff lol

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IMHO, there is nothing more important that Source, worth saving for in the RW world. The Source Addons pack is thumping good value and adds more power than anything else out there.

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Quick question, if we buy stacks now from you, and they go on sale for Christmas/New Years, would you honor It and credit the difference?

If you’ve ever bought something in a sale, once it ended did you offer to pay the difference?

When the price of an item you previously bought and still use goes up do you offer to pay the difference?

Price flucuation is a fact of life, it you want to be idemnified against it, that indemnity should be a two way street.


Seriously? It’s called price protection, and most retail stores honor it for 30 days. Some even longer. It’s a way to inspire sales.

Ever buy software and then shortly after they release a newer version? Most will give you the newer version. Same idea.

Many credit card companies allow cardholders to receive a refund if an item bought with that credit card drops in price within a specified time period .

Show me a single specialist retailer that does any of that?

But again, all my questions above ask is if you are going to offer the seller the same “price protection” that you want them to offer you. Will you?

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No that wouldn’t be something that we’d do. Sales are really just the luck of the draw.

All a moot point anyway as there won’t be another sale until summer at the earliest.


Should make this a no brainer. Both the stacks and the courses are highly recommended!

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Hope you are meaning at any price @tgr - and not advocating waiting until the summer 😜

Indeed. Recommended at the full price :)

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