Jannis, man I really like what you are doing with Bootstrap in terms of your blankstrap theme. Very easy. Do you think it has any problem with Multi themes HypeTitles or Boxedtitles? Also, seeing lots of download errors for stacks in my console? I have a grid with nothing in it but a grid and 6 boxed titles in this website

It works on a desktop but crashes on mobile. I mean showstopper crash. I’m using your blog and photo page for now but plan to upgrade to Poster 2. think blankstrap will work with poster2 as well?

Thanks, Jannis

Hey Zeb,

thanks a lot.

I assume these will work.

I am not able to open your website.

Poster 2 works with Blankstrap:


I found the correct link: :-)

What kind of download errors?

Sorry, I cannot follow you what is not working on your test page.

Hi Thanks,
Not being able to open the website on Mobile is exactly what is going on. Just typing, Website root. Will open fine. As should either one, with the page /test or not.

When I open the root on my IPhone iOS 14, it opens fine. Then I select test from the menu and it crashes. Just as you experienced.

I have no idea what is going on. I want to put the test version in the main body which is where I had it. I pulled it out so we could isolate.

The console errors are like permissions for stacks are not available. Download failed.

Am I unwittingly trying to download these. Also error is repeated over and over for each stack in use.

Sorry for the length. I want to be concise.
Open both urls on your desktop.

Thank you kind Sir. Good news also re poster2.

I am not experience any crash.

Not able to help you there, if these aren’t mine.

Thanks Kent I actually thought the trailing / was optional. Either way it crashes on open. Whether from the homepage and then use navigation to open /test from the menu. Or going to page directly. Appreciate the help. Sir.

Are you able to make a screenshot of that crash?

That’s strange. Here is a normal open on mobile to root and after I open /test. Gotch on the console errors.

Hope that helps. Odd you can’t open to the root of the site. It opens on everything I’ve tested on. Win/Mac/safari chrome etc etc especially on a desktop.

Sorry, I am not able to reproduce anything on my side. And I doubt the error you see on your side is related to the Blankstrap theme.

Makes zero sense that you don’t see that fine. it may not be blankstrap Do you still have to post to poster2 from within RW?

Sure it makes sense. My iPhone is a different one from your most probably. Blankstrap is Bootstrap and does itself not consume much CPU, maybe one of the stacks you use is causing that.

Until now, yes.

Fair enough. yes that is why I like it, low overhead. and max flexibility. Do you plan on expanding it? Blankstrap? thanks for the time you spent with me trying to get to the bottom of this. I’ll be sure to let you know what I find,

Yes 👍

I don’t either. I opened the pages in iOS 14.2 on my iPad. No errors.
Did you clean the cache? Or have you tried a reboot?

Do you have a iPhone.? iPad screen and up all work. Thanks Jannis. I don’t think it’s bootstrap or your theme

Yes. Displays good there.

With my IPhone it’s also okay

You appear to have 2Mb of images and over 700Kb of JS making up the “nothing” in there. It doesn’t crash for me on mobile (or desktop) but it needs a great deal of tidying up to pad the text, make the text readable by making it all the right size - it’s either too big or too small and I don’t understand what the animation is adding to the design. Also the grid isn’t working and looks like a single column with huge padding between each of the 6 items.

By the way, how are you creating the grid? Are you adding your code to access the Bootstrap grid?

The site doesn’t crash for me but needs a lot of work. The grids don’t work - see below.

My advice would be to delete the server, rebuild from scratch with a simple grid containing an image and text in each item and then see if it crashes for you. I don’t think it will crash as Blankstrap is well tested and mature. Then add back in the other stuff one by one and test on your mobile to see what added stack is causing the crashing.