Blue Print lift

Can u use ‘pull out’ from a partial ? Ive been trying but had no luck yet.
Not sure if its the theme ( Depth ) or if its the partial . Im presuming I have to use Blue Print in a Sections stack.
Apologies for another question so quickly but Im having a very intense BWD learning week.

Yes you can. Here is an example

No, not at all. You can use BluePrint anywhere and the pull up / move out functions will work. The only caveat is that the stack that it is inside and / or the theme, must support overflow:visible or else it will get clipped.

Sections (or another BluePrint container) can indeed help you in this respect as it can be set to allow visible overflows and allow pull out from responsive height containers.

Have a look at the demo file for BluePrint, there is a project page with a lot of pull out / move up examples (it is source of this page). I also have a video that describes how to use it and what the differences between the two settings are.

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Hi thx for the link i have been watching it over the last few days. in fact all your resources. I wanted to double check ref partials , as i couldn’t get it to work and i could have spent hours, trying to get it to do something it wasn’t meant to. :) thank you once again

I really would suggest you make a point of coming along to Marten’s webinars. He only really teaches BWD stacks and you will learn a huge amount really quickly!