Blueprint Sidebar

Hi, I’m not seeing any topics that can help me, so I’m posting here.

I’m making a simple short-term site that isn’t behaving as I want. I’m only a beginner w/ RW (1 or 2 sites this last year) so all the incredible stacks and their features has me bogged down.

A draft site:

I want the Blueprint ASIDE column to scroll / stick as the page is scrolled. I solved the link problem each section with BWD “MagicLink”

I’ve tried MagicGellen2 and others, but no success. MagicGellan2 is in the “Aside” column in Blueprint Sidebar.

Any suggestions as to the the settings for MagicGellen2 or should I try another BWD stack? I can share the RW project file.

Very much appreciate the help :)

Let’s tackle this part first. The demo project (downloads button on this page ) has a page that has a Sidebar stack set up with a fixed sidebar and a scrolling main content.
How to set it up is described in this video at 14:00 mins…

As regards MagicGellan, this stack requires Foundation 5 (stacks version 1) in order to smooth scroll.

Hi! I watched that video, but I must have done something wrong. The sidebar demo page in that project doesn’t scroll. I tried adding all the stacks from the demo into a new project & same thing, no scroll.

I’m going to rewatch the video & try a test page again.

Stay tuned…!

It late here but I can make you a new demo tomorrow if needed - the stack updates since the original one may have rendered it not operational.

Things to try until I do are the scroll settings in the demo project, make sure the Content Scroll setting is set to Scroll (always show scrollbars). It may be worth changing the setting and then changing it back to the Scroll setting if in doubt.

Also, what theme / framework are you using?

Hi - the scrollbar change worked! YaaHoo! As to the theme - there is no theme set, F6 is greyed out.
I just realized that you helped me with a glitch last year.

I’ll work on this a little more tonight (East Coast USA). Will I be able to use F6 contact forms without setting the style to F6?

Thanks, so much for checking in on my bumbles.