Anyone have any experience of integrating into a site?

oww!! I would be interested in that too!

I assume that all that is really needed is the search bar html to be added to a html stack. I can’t access the API without login details so can’t investigate this further.

Not something I’ve tried, but would be useful to know. I imagine they would have some kind of department that could answer this question if you asked them directly.

I am pretty sure that the search bar acts as just a gateway into the system which can itself be styled within their control panel. I will know a lot more tomorrow I hope, after a meeting with a prospective client.

I integrated the code into a test site and bizarrely, it appears that you need a different calendar search bar for each property. The stakes absolutely no sense.

In addition, the calendar search bar doesn’t work in MacOS 10.12.6 with Safari 12.1.

Has anyone got any experience or could suggest another multi property facility like than can be linked to from a web site. It needs to provide a search facility that shows all available properties and then full information for each property with a booking facillity.

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