Boson - quantum page

I have used a section of Boson in the following page:

The question I have is that the buttons on the the 2 side panels do not work on the desktop view, although they do on the mobile version. They are set up identically.

Is the answer:
A) they don’t do that, they are for show and only the central section is active?
B) they should work and my set-up is wrong
C) something else

It would be nice if they worked, but it is not a disaster if they won’t as I can try something else.

Thanks for your advice in advance

Hi @pete

No - i don’t think there would be a way to get these buttons to work. In fact I think you must be using an early version of Boson as those buttons didn’t feature in later releases. The mobile version of these cards uses a different set of stacks altogether.

I’d recommend removing the 2 side buttons and just having the single central button taking the person to ‘more information’.


Hi Pete,

I must’ve sent you the earlier version, because as @habitualshaker says, those buttons didn’t make the cut to the most recent versions.

The reason for that is because the central ‘card’ is offset (using Blueprint) over the other two cards (in Blueprint Sidebar) and the z-index, along with the overlying Section Box Hover Tilt effect, is enough to kill access to the buttons.

So yes, one button makes for a much clearer focus, and also maintains a visual balance with the two underlying cards — especially now that the card on the right has more text and is taller than the central card, which undermines the whole effect.

I’ll send you this version shortly.

thanks that makes perfect sense