Boxed titles Crashing mobile

love your box titles. It is crashing my iPhone when I launch from exact error page or if I go to the home page without the /Test and then select a test from the menu. Here is what I get on my iPhone 11 Promax 512gig running ios14.

if I open a desktop browser but reduced No Problem, it opens fine.


This is running under a blankstrap theme. I had the same problem in source.

I separated it out to a subpage so it is easier to isolate. /test

so open anything on desktop no worries
On mobile whichever path you choose is going to crash.

the /Test page no longer exists. if you want to see the anomaly simply go to the root and scroll down. thank you. Anyone have ideas or suggestions. Guess I will rebuild the site from scratch one component at a time,

Thanks in advance.