Broken UI in RW

Am I alone in having a very broken UI in RW Version 8.9.4 (20901), Stacks 5.1.2, running on Ventura 13.6.1 on Intel?

I have just built a new site from scratch in Stacks 5 with Source and much of the time it is impossible to see containers and stack within, just a few fragments of dotted lines. The screen shots give some idea, but these were done after a RW restart when things were somewhat better. I guess there is little hope of an update, unless this is Stacks 5?

Update - these are hidden containers - impossible to see which one has what ending or content…

I haven’t heard recently of others having a similar problem. I’m running
RW 8.9.3 with Stacks 5.1.2 on Sonoma 14.4.1 … obviously my set up is different from yours. If no one has a direct suggestion for what to do then you can always try going backwards to 8.9.3 and if that doesn’t work back to Stacks 5.1.2

However, using Sonoma on Intel may be the most important difference between our setups … and in that case I’m not sure what the best path forward would be. However, others in this community surely have better tips than me on this issue.

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Thanks Matthew,
I will check on the M1 laptop later too. Really struggling to make this work at this moment

My experience is this is caused by some sort of graphics accelerator in RW or one of the apps. If you can find it, turn it off.

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This bug is due is a graphical glitch because Stacks is using the WebView class that has been deprecated by Apple in 2014. To fix this issue, YourHead really need to update Stacks to use WKWebView. Unfortunately, only @Isaiah knows when or if this will happen.

I’m not sure what stacks you are using but some of the stack frameworks include an option to turn off acceleration that can help workaround this graphical glitch.

What stacks/framework are you using? If we know this, someone here should be able to tell you where to find the option.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you, that is very helpful. Everything is made with Source by @habitualshaker

Hmm, I’m not sure Source has an acceleration option you can toggle - @habitualshaker might have seen this before and be able to help 🤞

It could also be another 3rd-party stack causing the issue… Do you see the issue on all your pages? Or perhaps it’s only certain pages?

Appreciate the insight, thank you Dan. It’s a brand new site, so only 2 pages with Stacks 5 & Source theme / stacks. I have seen it increasingly over the last few weeks, so I’m thinking that some update has triggered it. Perhaps @habitualshaker may have ideas?

Not had any similar reports about this happening. Can you DM me your project @Nick and i will test here? i’ve got a laptop with ventura on it.

Thanks Stuart, appreciated.

I’m quite sure it is not only Source, far more likely to be Stacks itself. Really trying to get some developer input to see if there is anything I can disable to alleviate the issue until Stacks can be updated.

Never had this issue, but also not on Intel.

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Confirming this was a GPU acceleration / Stacks 5 issue, not RW. Disabling GPU acceleration has resolved the issue.

Where exactly did you turn off the GPU acceleration?

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GPU accelerations can lead to these display issues. That’s a GPU issue, not a Stacks bug.

Closing this thread.

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