Built to last websites

I came across this page quite a while ago:


It’s causing me to think about some of my web design. I know much online content is timebased and throw away. But some isn’t. I frequently click a link to an article and get a 404.

Does anyone think we should be building sites to last? Does anyone involve this in their design workflow?

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That web site lasted about 20 sec for me.

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Or submit your site to Internet Archive?

Does that retain links to the original site?

Well, somehow you’ve certainly found the best example of verbose, navel-gazing tripe I’ve nearly read in a long time. “Nearly” because I managed 22 seconds - beating @Webdeersign - before rapidly sight reading to the end of this nonsense. Astoundingly, this gentleman has students.

My take is that professional commercial designers’ work is and always will be ephemera. Whatever the media, it will disappear from public conscience in a few days, a couple of weeks or - if you’re brilliant - three or four years. This is the way.

If you want to keep your proudest creations, do what the rest of us do and keep a portfolio of your print, press, graphic design and video work. Set up a subdomain and keep all your brightest websites there with no-robots no-follow no-index etc.

If you do this, you can look back in your dotage and relive the warm feeling you had in their creation.

Because nobody else will give a toss.

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Yes, links to pages that are not archived stay untouched.