Call to Action/Modal should only use the Browserheight

I’d like to use a Call To Action triggering a Reveal Lightbox (or any other) to open a modal on page entry.

Is there a way to set up RL (or any other) responsively to just cover up 100% browserheight and that it is not possible to scroll the page behind it?
I’d like to avoid the situation, that the modal is open at the top of the browserwindow and when you start scrolling, you just scrolling the gray background of the modal until you end up at the very bottom of the page …
Any ideas?

You can use Call to Action with the Focus stack by Elixir, that should do what you want.

Edit - Go with Limelight, much better!

or Limelight

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The obvious lightbox choice would be Tav’s Limelight which is the Mother of All Lightbox and so much more stacks.

Just enable Open on page load in the Launching settings and Prevent page scroll in the Advanced settings.

Limelight did it.
Thanks, guys.