As a corollary my big peeve is when someone discontinues a stack, that they remove all of the tutorial info about it. I have made ‘aspirational’ purchases of stacks that I hoped to use in the future - they still work well but but it would be great to have access to all of the support /sales info that was available when I purchased it. If it’s no longer for sale, that’s fine - but the support / info page can have a popup saying that the stack is ‘retired’ and is no longer being sold or supported. Click through and agree to get access to the demos / tutorial, etc. This has been a huge issue with @Doobox and the other day I went to look up info for StageDive @Jannis because I thought I may have a situation where I could finally use it and I don’t see it anywhere on the site :(

In general, it’s implied that that if something is retired that it may not work well in our ever-changing environment, but it may work well enough for our needs. This has given me pause when I buy stacks. Some devs are great about this - 1LD has kept all of his tutorials up. Stacks4Stacks is great at this as well.

There may be a great reason as to why this is done, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

If people are going to sell things without support, just let them know before hand so one can decide if they want to take that chance. That’s what Weavium should do.

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I’m always available to help with any questions on retired / discontinued stacks, as long as they still function, for a reasonable period of time after they were discontinued, like a few years.

I’v never made anything that really requires any extensive documentation. My mantra is if it needs extensive documentation, I’v probably designed it badly.


Hey, just ask, it was always there. I never got an email from you if I remember correctly.

Hi Gary -

Your mantra assumes I know what I’m doing :) I think that sometimes someone could be so good at something that they tend to forget what it’s like when they were new at it - especially if they’ve been doing it a while. I’ve been teaching artists and designers for thirty years, so I’ve been saying the same things, over and over. I have to remember a lot of it is stuff that they’re hearing for the first time they need to work with it, process it etc.

I think in this case, I’m the student and you’re the teacher :)

As for being available, that’s great (I will say that hasn’t always panned out with you in my case) but why bug you if I could just see it again / read about it? Id rather leave you alone so you (and all the devs) can make more cool stuff.

Just did a count of all the Doobox stacks I have - 90 :) Take away the stacks you currently offer, it would still amount to harrassment. If you’re able to get the old stuff up with a disclaimer that they aren’t for sale or supported, that would be great.

Hi Jannis -

Thank for the prompt reply. I went to your site to double check and didn’t see anything.
I checked the blog as well. While the link you sent above does work, I can’t navigate to it from the main page.

You never got an email from me because I never sent one. Sometimes I may not even have a specific question yet -it would be nice to see it agin in action and read the directions - I think in most cases, I’d be able to avoid the email. That’s good for both of us - I don’t have to wait for a response and you don’t have to write one :)

I realize things shouldn’t be sold forever - it’s up to the dev to make that decision, for whatever reason. It would be nice to have access to the directions though!

BTW, the link you sent ( I don’t see it anywhere on your main site. Did I miss it? If not, how was I supposed to know it exists? :)

90! you must have been with me from the start. Thank you for your support.

Also, there is a little known feature of Stacks, that can often lead to help in cases like this.
I often leave the demo pages in place permanently, so you can right click on any stack icon in your stacks library, and in the context menu that appears select “show info”, which in the case of Dobox, takes you to the demo page.

I am regularly cleaning up my product portfolio and remove items, which aren’t bought by customers any more. IMHO it doesn’t make sense to have a large set of products, where only a part drives the whole revenue.

Sure, the link to the support document should be added to the overall navigation, I’ll add that.