Does anybody know whether this guy is still alive? Is he a member of this forum?

I have sent him 3 emails from his website contact form, each 2 weeks apart and still no answer. BTW, I have a habit of checking my spam folder, so I know for a fact that there was no answer.


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Tried to reach him 3-4 months ago. Also no answer.

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Yes that is a real pity if he has withdrawn from the rapidweaver scene. Many great stack came from him. One was amazing but difficult to master, Fluid.

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So, I guess it’s safe to say that there is zero support from him. But he keeps selling his stuff.

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As is that f*** from Yuzooluck… 🫢

No, it is not. This is a proper gentleman.

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😂 Nice one, I’m confused as I don’t know to whom ‘This’ refers. Diplomatic 👍
But what I mean is that Yuzool still sells while there’s no support.

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I think 1LD is also getting lost by the way, I bought a stack last week, the included example file doesn’t work because it doesn’t recognize the stack, and the stack itself has positioning problems. I asked for support but no news. I’ll wait…

1LD provides excellent service in my experience. Did you contact him here?

Yes, 1Ld has always had excellent support, really excellent.
In fact it seems strange to me that the stack example file does not have the stack I purchased, there may be that the stack has problems that can be easily solved.
But it seems strange to me that he didn’t answer.

Yes, I sent the report on that page.
I’ll wait…
few days have passed.
He will certainly reply as soon as possible.

You probably refer to the Enhanced Image stack? As far as I know that’s the only one.
I received the link a couple of days later.

Here’s an update on Weavium situation. Today, I received an email from him. It says:

"Hi there,

My deepest apologies. I have since discontinued the Weavium Plugins site and will no longer be providing updates.
I will find your order and issue a refund as soon as possible.

Thank you ~"

At least, we now know what is going on. And PayPal confirmed the refund was received.


That’s a shame — Skyler made really interesting stacks, and his visual sensibilities are inspiring. It would be nice if he could be persuaded to put the Weavium offerings into the public domain, and let the community support them as best they can.

I don‘t know if there are any other Fluid fans here, but I’ve been experimenting incorporating Fluid apps in Source Grid. If you‘re interested in doing likewise, you need to know that the key is to include this in your CSS panel — then they work perfectly in a Grid Item:

[id^=‘fluid_stacks_in_’] {

I’ll certainly carry on using Fluid — it‘s possible to do some pretty amazing things with it.


I bought Fluid ages ago because it lloked very interseting but didn’t find it as straight forward to implement, might take another look at it though :)

Could you encourage Skylar to announce this on the main RW site if that hasn’t already happened? Might help to prevent someone buying stuff that won’t be supported in the future.

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Hi, Rob,

Well, I will try to reach him by email, but getting a response is rather doubtful. Also, I do not want to go to the RW forum myself, but you (or anybody else) may go there and try to link a warning to this thread.

Fluid looks complicated, and the bundled demos are quite sophisticated applications of it. However it’s actually quite simple and straightforward. After watching this video of Skyler’s, I got Fluid in a way that had escaped me before.

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Hi all,
that is really bad news. I am working extensively with Kalendar and the G-Sheets stacks which are amazing once you get your head around weaviums box system. The conditional stack is one of the best possibilities to easily show, hide or redirect content.
I want to suggest that - if anyone reaches skyler - ask him to “sell” his stacks/programming to another active developer. Like it happened with Nick Cates themes or Defligra (-> Joe Workman). So that support can be continued?!
Anyone of the active developers interested?
@1LD @joeworkman @Jannis @juergenbarth @doobox @yabdab @willwood @Ricardo @Multithemes (sorry if I forgot one)
Thank you for trying.

They are just open source Vue components - no need for another developer to buy them - just make one if the demand was there.

Call me old fashioned but I don’t think people should be further rewarded for providing a lack of support to customers just because they are not selling enough product to new customers. I still support 8 year old stacks that were free, its just a matter of committing some of your free time to those who have supported you in the past.

The practice of “forgetting” to remove the sales page is a long tradition in RW; remember Ultimate Gallery Stack and all the people that were ripped off with a discontinued product over 3 or 4 years. Why is Kalendar Stack still available for purchase today? Regardless of any other extenuating circumstances, this is very wrong.