Can Poster handle blogs to post at a future date

Hi all,

New here and looking at getting Poster for my blog but unsure if it will meet all my requirements.

I’m also looking at Alloy, so I would welcome all your thoughts and experience with either Poster or Alloy.

One feature I’m wondering about is setting a future date for a post. I know Alloy can handle this but can’t see any mention of this feature for Poster. I see you do a draft but is it possible to then set a future date for it to be automatically posted?

Also, with a blog header image is it also possible to do a gallery slider as a blog header in Poster?

Thanks for all advice, thoughts and experiences.

Cheers Scott

Hi Scott,

this will be available in a future version.

Yes, you can put different Stacks content there.

Cheers, Jannis


Hi Jannis,
Thanks for the very quick response.

I look forward to the update for future date posts.

I use Foundry, so from what I understand almost any stack can be placed inside the Poster stack. Is this correct?

I have been using Squarespace for my blog as it handles slideshows and galleries well and of course I can post images and setup a complete blog from iPhone/iPad, which is very convenient. But Squarespace is expensive and I’d like to move over to a RW blogging platform.

Is there a maximum number of blogs in the Poster stack?

Thanks for your help.
Regards Scott


Poster Stack is now available since over one year and used by over 1000 customers. No complains so far of a maximum number of blog posts inside one blog :-)


Hi Scot,

Here is a Foundry project I created not long after Poster was released -

I was really blown away by Poster at the time it was released, and it has gone from strength to strength with new features being added regularly. Since that project was released there have been some beautiful styling additions added to Poster, that allow Poster to create the Ghost type of Blog layout as used on the RealMac Blog provided by Ghost.


@Webdeersign I’d not seen this blog before Gary, what a beautiful piece of work. Now you have me thinking… #sigh more work to do 🙄

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Hi @scottf

I have been using Poster since close to release and have over 70 blog posts without issues.

Don’t hesitate to become a user - you will not regret it.