Chillidog for the win

I haven’t posted here in some time as I barely do any web work now, but I do use Chillidog hosting A LOT.

This is the sort of stuff I do, everything is 3D modelled in SketchUp, Rendered using Enscape and the panos presented using 3DVista:

Everything is hosted on Chillidog (obviously) and over time we’ve increased our storage space, yesterday we switched from a Shared server to a VPS.
Each increase in space and last night’s server change has been completely seamless and pain free.

I’ve got over 60 tours online with ~50 of them having been viewed at least once in the past 30 days and the top 8 being viewed over 100 times.

There has been only 1 occasion that we lost access to the tours and that was a global/regional outage beyond Chillidog’s control and it only lasted a couple of hours.

I cannot recommend Greg and Brian’s service enough, I know a lot here are already fans but a bit of thanks and appreciation is never a bad thing.