Chroma and 'standard' themes

I get how Chroma works when you have a nav bar to drop into it - Foundation, Foundry, UIKit etc - but the docs imply it will work with some standard themes. I can’t see anywhere that explains how to do this.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, that’d be great,

Or is this more of a you-can-do-this-but-I-wouldn’t feature @tav?



I’d assumed for Chroma to work the element you want to effect has to be inside it, but thinking about it, it might just be a case of targeting the relevant classes?

In which case, you just need to apply the chroma class you are changing to the elemrnt you want to change.

Although, as I write that I think it’s most likely completely wrong.

In theory, it would be possible to use some JS to move the theme navbar into a chroma stack on the page. The trouble is that we need to target the nav element and every one will have different tags/class names / id’s that would be needed; a bit of custom code on a per theme basis would do it if you really wanted to.

If you want to email me details then I can give it a whirl for you.

Yes it works - here is the OffRoad theme using chroma to make a colour change and fixed nav

Thanks. It was more of an informational enquiry than a practical one. Just trying to understand the best way to use Chroma.