Clicking on PopDrop link goes to top of page

I have been using PopDrop for years and never had any problems. A big thank you to BWD.
No I am redesigning my site using Foundation 6.
PopDrop is still working fine, but if you click on a link instead of just hovering it jumps to the top of the page. This would irritate a user.
Is there a means to avoid that?
My test site can be found here:
The PopDrop links can be found here:
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Are you sure that you have the url of the link set to javascript:void(0) as per the instructions? It sounds like you may have the link set to # which will link to the top of a page.
(Can’t check the page at the moment as I’m only on my phone)

Thank you. This was the reason.
I didn’t remember that, because my last usage of PopDrop is some time ago.