Client updating blog, that looks "snazzy" (roll eyes thingie here)

New client, usual problems ;-)

I have a new client who has the techie abilities of a brick (they can post to FB so they are convinced that can cope with a blog!). Regardless, they want a blog that they can update themselves, but they want a “snazzy” one.

I’d normally fire up Armadillo, but it ain’t “snazzy” enough, so I’m looking for options.

They really like Poster in Flex Box mode, and I know that can be done with Markdown, but I also know if I introduce them to MD my life going forward will be spent offering MD support, and dealing with the “it’ don’t work” support “issues”.

So, suggestions please: Needs to be so easy even Trump could use it, and be snazzy.

Same site as the gallery: (just test data in posts)
Is this ‘snazzy’ enough? Its done with TotalCMS
This project portfolio is also TotalCMS:

Interesting. I need to get a look around the admin section of TCMS to see if it’s doable for them to use.

Poster 2 will contain a real editor. Will take off course some time to implement, though.

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I need to deploy end of Feb :-(

Will not make that date…


This is ‘my’ admin page for that blog, as I’m going to be the one filling it in I haven’t bothered styling it but essentially you lay it out as you would any stacks page. I’ve seen ones where the fields are in tabbed stack so the user 1st fills in the title and date, then the content, then the gallery etc.
As its a normal stacks page you can pop in helpful notes/popdrop tips etc.

Blog list page:

More styled blog post page from the DMA site:

I think Poster does the best looking blogs and is the only one I know that can exactly replicate the popular Ghost type of blog such as or the Realmac blog.

@paul.russam Your impressive demo is much more of a complete Estate Agents system designed for an experienced computer savvy end user, than a blog. I also think that users need something that looks like a more traditional blog list layout or there is a risk that they don’t use it as a point of entry into the blog.

IMHO Blog edit windows need to be super simple. Nearly everyone I have created blogs for can’t tell the difference between a normal and a capital letter and if you give then an extra box to fill in or styling options they will either stab at the options with the mouse or write an essay in the description or add a cat video.

On the topic of editors. I am still waiting for something like SurrealCMS to come along for RW. The online editing is really slick and the way forward. Checkout the editor demo on this page -


GoCMS has a built-in blog. And it looks pretty snazzy.


Jannis has been helping me with the remote markdown file blogging feature for Poster and I’m going to run with that. Once setup it’s super simple for the client.

Thanks for the help folks.

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Hi Jannis,
I also would be interested in the online editor.
When do you think the online editor feature will be released…any time soon?

somewhen in the next 259 days.

Haaahhh…thanks Jannis…better than 365 days

All I can say: It is dependent on a (reusable) other component (or product) which has to come first, which I am working on currently.

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Creator here. What pain points prevent you from using Surreal? Is it exclusively an issue with syncing content back to RW?

No pain points specifically now with the new version 7 is available. It looks very simple to implement for any stack with a Class box so that covers the RW integration. When I have time or when I next need a CMS I will certainly try to use it.

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