Yes or NO?

I’m start using … I will love if all the images stacks will have the possibilities of grabbing image source folder… for example @willwood just update the Viewty with ‘Directory Of Images’ and is perfect!!! but will work with or other similar? …

Also are you find faster?

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Pro’s: Can bring minor speed and security improvements; more noticeable on larger, heavier or more complex websites and webapps.

Con’s: Adds another layer of complexity to your hosting / publishing configuration. Aggressive caching can become irritating.

My personal opinion is to only use services like Cloudinary / Cloudflare if you have the expertise to diagnose and troubleshoot any problems that may arise through their use. For the average RapidWeaver user, there probably isn’t a hugely compelling reason to use them.

I do not include anything in my image stacks that would prevent their use with these cloud services. But ultimately it’s not really something I can test for and kind-of outside of my support remit.