CMS for written content in slider - recommendations/advice?

Anyone have any recommendations (RW8/Foundation/Stacks)? I’m using a 50/50 slider for an image plus some content and link out to topic pages, for about 5 different slides, and I’d like to enable non-technical web user (not using RW) editing of minimally the written content. My preference would be for something that would work with WebYep, and allow online editing. WebYep won’t work in 50/50, and I haven’t seen any content sliders in which it would work.

I’ve considered Poster 2 inside of Splider, but sans 2.5, there’s no online editor, and Poster 2, AFAIK doesn’t integrate well with sitelok which is I’m using for a variety of other authentication.

I’ve considered Poster 2 and markdown files, with repository, but this is getting pretty complex.

Anyone have a mixed content slider that works with WebYep?
Anyone have a mixed content slider with online editing functionality?
Any other thoughts on how to allow non-technical user editing of content blocks in a content slider?

Anyone have any thoughts?

I think that this should easily be doable with Total CMS or even Easy CMS (without knowing the exact details of your desired setup)…

It can be setup to be very simple in your requirement. There are no issues with Sitelok and Poster that have been reported here.

You could use any new sliders and the best one out there IMHO is Splider. This will certainly fo what you refer to as 50/50 and you should be able to add a text stack that gets its text contents from a “css” system.

The simplest would be using Sources Markdown Link stack that loads markdown files from a remote location into Splider and plain text can be used in the MD stack. If that’s too complex then look at S4S’s WebYep stacks that will give you an online editor and will work with Splider.

I created a Project with the S4S stacks a while ago and was very impressed with the overall simplicity of the setup and also the end user interface.

There was a minor issue between Sitelok and Poster 2 but this was fixed in Sitelok V6.1 so should be fine now.

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Hi, I think you can easily use Webyep in combination with Splider. Just tested here: Enter the passcode to login Code is 1794

Best, Juergen

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That’s useful confirmation.