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Good grief. I’m trying to decide the best way forward with this. I don’t have the time or interest to try out 17 different options. Especially when 90% of the way in one can find a show-stopper.

I’m building a website for my sister and I’d like her to be able to (a) edit text and (b) control an UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR TYPE OF THING. (She’s a touring musician.)

Surreal CMS? JW Easy CMS? Pulse CMS? Wordpress? Tell her to buy RW and teach her IT stuff? Teach her IT stuff anyway?..

Interestingly, my title isn’t TOO LONG.

And any thoughts re an events calendar? For upcoming concerts and workshops and so forth, which she can control?

Probably the critical part here will be the Calendar and how she wants to update and manage it. Wordpress has a lot of good Calendar solutions I am told.

How much time have you both got?

I would say check out SurrealCMS using RW and if it’s what she wants, then get Blocs and use SurrealCMS for free. Much shorter and logical learning curve.

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Thanks for your reply. So far I’ve used RW and WP Avada. I’ve not enjoyed either for various reasons! But found Avada way too limiting compared to RW with Foundation/BWD.

As for the CMS thing, haven’t ever done it with RW. Under the impression with the JW solution I have to build a whole admin portal on the side.


But discarding the whole issue of learning how to use RW, Stacks, Foundation and then the bespoke CMS Admin area, a big issue is one of cost. That must add up to about $250 and that buys a lot of prebuilt templates or a bespoke single page site all done.

Got any Baroque Music templates? ;-p

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If I were to use something like Surreal CMS, and given that I use JW Agent to control content per device: is it safe to presume that it will be possible to edit via these devices? I would have to, in order to access the content.

Events Calendar is interesting… I had a Stack for a while that pulled in a Facebook calendar but then they had that court case and closed their APIs for privacy issues etc.

Would a simple list on a page with the events (with sub headings for each month) suffice? If so, you could use any of the CMSs and a text page. Or embed a Google Calendar?

Thanks Yuzool, I’m still considering options including the ones you suggest. I guess the Google Cal has its place as an overview. But I’d also be looking to have it more stylised, and I suppose I could make something. One option is it wouldn’t have to be a Cal as such, just a list of upcoming events. But it may be more fleshed out, with a title, date, picture, description, venue, performers list etc. per event.

Something like @Jannis Poster stack might work. What would be neat though, is once the date of an event has passed, it disappears from view.

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You could do that with TotalCms blog list stack set to only show future posts


There is a great stack from Swiss designer Rapid Ideas called Event Calender with the option to pull in a Google Cal.
You can design the layout (colours etc) as you wish. See screenshots.
The only problem is that Rapid Ideas can’t be reached via his website anymore and I don’t know how you could buy the stack.
Perhaps the german super specialists @Jannis or @wolf know more about Rapid Ideas situation…

PS. Found this but its not on sale


Just to throw in another calendar option - I use Tockify ( ) for an events calendar for a music venue ( ) the basic version, which I use, is free. If you pay the annual fee it allows for many more preferences with regard to its appearance on your web page. Tockify provide the code to embed the calendar in your Rapidweaver made website. Very easy to use for low tech minds and can be edited by anyone, anywhere on any computer.


Thanks for all your input.

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Since you mentioned Surreal, you can set it up pretty easily using blocks and repeatables.

For example, you’d create a block with whatever HTML you want:

<div class="tour-date cms-repeatable">
  <h3 class="venue">Some Place</h3>
  <p class="time">May 13, 2019 @ 9pm</p>

Now you can insert a block into your page. The cms-repeatable class tells Surreal to make it repeatable, so you can easily add/remove/reorder them.

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