Core stacks

Hi, @tav.

I think you’re in the process of moving house, or maybe you’re done. I hope it went smooth, for me it is one of the most stressful things there is.

I’m using Sections for almost every website I design. So, I’m curious about the new version of the Sections stacks. Do you have an ETA?

The ETA for Core is not finalised yet as I’m still stuck in an AIrBNB waiting for our house purchase to complete.

I can, however, let you know that the release of the first tranche of the stacks will be very soon after we manage to get settled in.

I have a small team of people that are very kindly working with me on testing and production of the supporting materials such as demo projects, documentation and drop in design elements.

The first part of Core to be release will be the replacement for the existing Sections stacks but there will be much more to come.

Thanks for your continued support and patience, if you drop me an email to BWD support with the subject line Apex Core then you’ll get an invite as soon as we are ready.


Just to chime in here… I’m one of the lucky ones who has been doing the testing. I wasn’t around when Sections first appeared, I only picked up on it a few years back, but I can tell you that Core is an amazing suite of stacks and will change things even more than Sections did.

I’ve been using it on commercial sites for some time now, with various different frameworks, and in all cases it slots right in and only improves the end product. If you are used to Sections the learning curve is pretty shallow too.

I hope I’m not speaking out of turn!


Thanks, Andrew.
That’s good news and I’ll do what you tell me, drop you an email.

@steveb Thanks for the info, I will look forward to the release !!!