Custom menu with dropdown

Hej Would it be possible to build a custom menu with a custom dropdown with the Source stacks?

I need to build, somehow, a menu with links to other pages, and also links to anchors on the current page. I have to do the same for several pages. I also need a dropdown for a login page, that is divided into different categories of users, in the way, that the superusers link will be greyed out and not accessible. I have a solution for actually doing the distinction of who is an ordinary user and who is a superuser. I just need to be able to make this custom menu in the way described above.

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I don’t know if I can fully picture what you are needing but you would need more than just Source stacks to achieve it. I used PopDrop from BWD in this example which links to anchor points on the page but still uses the Source menu for regular links. Not sure if that kind of approach would suffice?

Failing that it might be time to pester @tav some more to bring his menu stacks to fruition :)

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Ok thank you, that might work, I will try it out tomorrow and let you know. And yes it would be really, really nice to see @tav s Menu Lab, but I also think I will not pester him too much.

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Thanks to the suggestion of Stuart and the wonderful stacks of Andrew Tavenor, Chroma Pro and Pop-Drop, I have now been able to do the custom menu I wanted. That is really awesome. I am making a website for an international association of yoga teachers and they wanted some exotic menu items and link to pages and anchered contents on various pages, in submenus, and now I have succesfully made those. I am really happy and thankful to Andrew Tavenor for his amazing stacks and to Stuart who lead me on the right track :-)