Custom selector for external fonts

Hello, so I am trying to implement a custom font on a website. The font is a WOFF font. I only want to use it at one instant, so I need a custom selector, but I do not understand how I am implementing that?

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Hi @Kent -

If you select ‘Assign to’…‘Custom’, then you could add a selector of e.g. .myFont (the dot is needed here as this specifies that we are adding a class name). Then in the stack where you want to apply this font you could add the myFont class name in the custom CSS name field. Hope that helps?

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Ok thank you Stuart I will try that.

Where is it I can add a selector?

In the Custom Font stack you do it here:


What text stack are you using where you want this font used? It should either have its own Custom CSS name box or the default Stacks 4 ‘CSS classes’ box.

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Ok thank you got it :-) finally I am a little slow as you know :-)

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As to my confusing, I did a big mistake, I tried learning all of the framework based themes, and got completely lost. I am now sticking to your framework Source. And it is going a lot better.

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