Deluxe Stacks by 1LD

Hello Everyone,
I took advantage of 1LD Black Friday sale and bought some stacks I had my eye one. The stacks came with 1LD’s set of Deluxe Stacks which is I guess it’s own sorta framework. I’ve been diving into to it out of curiosity and it’s pretty cool. I was wanting to hear from anyone that has used the stacks to build a website and to get your thoughts.

Hi, i bought a couple of the project files (forma + solus) they sell and I like what the deluxe stacks offer, easy to dive into and alot of options, not sure why they don’t promote it more.


1LD has a lot of very useful and well thoughtout stacks but never seem to do much in the way of promoting themselves.

Hope they blow their own trumpet a bit more in the future.


If I recall correctly 1LD did have their own framework (I don’t remember what it was called, but I think it was Bootstrap based). The value of frameworks has much diminished since then: CSS Grid killed off their main selling point, which was responsively changing layouts. The Deluxe stacks are well put-together, and provide most of the functionality that the stacks which come with the various frameworks provide. But if you’re working with a blank theme, Andrew’s stacks provide more power and capability. I can see, though, that it suits 1LD to have their own suite for putting together demo files for their products.

Fully agree with this, 1LD is amazing, such friendly and sincere support, asked a question about link attributes on Press 2 a few days ago and got a reply with modified version of the stack. Same happened several months ago with a menu question. There are so many gems in the 1LD stack catalogue, but sometimes think myself they appear to be a little hidden in the wider known world of stacks, it at least appears that way to me. There are so many I could sing praises of, but Configure is amazing, I did some really good stuff with Configure, a very powerful stack that has so much potential. You know how in this day age you end up on mailing lists for virtually everything, 1LD is one of those rare mailing list emails that when I get a new email announcement it grabs my attention and I’m straight on it to see what new and creative stack he has come up wih this time.


Same thing happened to me, I needed the Easy Header stack to do something it currently didn’t do so I opened a ticket asking them about it, couple day’s later I get a modified version of the stack emailed to me from Jonathon…WOW!!!


I like the deluxe framework/theme a lot. 1lD does a great job with simplifying things. I used to use his PURE framework and it was great also.


Which are Andrew’s stacks?

Andrew … Tav … Andrew Tavernor … @tav

Arguably the most generous developer of stacks and extremely helpful pillar of the stacks community !


You are very kind @GKs, thank you.