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As many of you i am following the RW Elements and Stacks Pro soap. I do not how this ends up in the near future but i like to be prepared.

We do not know when one of these new apps will be available, so be prepared for a surprise.
My question is if there is a list where we can see which platform our stack and template developers choose?

I can image some devs choose for one of the both apps while others choose for both future apps.
For me this is important, because i maybe need to change some Stacks because the developer wil only make stacks for Elements for example while i choose for Stacks Pro.

By knowing who will choose what, i will not have any problems with my websites in the future.

So, where is this list? :)

Here’s my take on the future of the soap opera.

If you want a future proofed solution then use RW8.9.5 with the current Stacks5 which is the most stable RW/Stacks combination in the history of RW. If you are hell bent on updating to the news MacOS or latest Mac, then just use you old Mac or get a dirt cheap MacMini off eBay for RW/Stacks development. All stacks will work. I run a 2012 MacMini with this combination and use Source with a handful of stacks and it is lightening fast. Speed is not an issue.

If you feel the need to comit to something new and want to use any of the 1000’s of stacks, then wait for StacksPro, as its primary function is to work with all existing stacks. Every single stacks developer will support it. Note that the most prolific developer of creative and powerful stacks has a huge set of stacks representing years of work, on hold waiting for StacksPro to be released, and has said they will not support Elements. Many of the main developers have said privately they will not support Elements.

Elements is totally unknown and is still way way off based on what is being shown in carefully framed videos. Fact - Elements will not work with all stacks. I only know of 2 developers who have said they will support Elements. What has not been clarified, is how much extra, devs will be forced to charge for attempting to convert stacks to Elements. What started off as free, is yet to be decided, and as the scope of effort is starting to unravel, the talk about free has stopped. I can’t image any dev would sell an Element version for less than the full cost of the stack version and provide a small discount for owners of the stacks version. There is a big effort IMHO to fully test, document, debug and support during the next few years based on RM’s track record of early release and testing in the community.

But the bottom line is that if a dev who makes a full or partial living out of RW Addons will support whatever makes commercial sense to them. Those who have said no will probably sit back and evaluate Elements when it becomes usable and make a commercial decision. Not all Stacks developers are in it for commercial gain, of which there are many, will very likely NOT support Elements as a matter of principle .


Thanks for all the info @Webdeersign Yes, i am still on 8.9.3 … very stable on a very old macbook pro and some newer iMac’s. It works perfect right now.

I had choosen myself already to step in with Stacks Pro. We have a lot of Stacks running in our setup and we like to use them for a long time.

The whole soap is a sad thing, it was not needed to end up like this. But let’s be positive for the future and i hope that everybody will get along with each other. But i have my doubts it will be that direction because Dan can react in a fuzzy logic way sometimes ;)

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Gary is correct. I will not be supporting Elements. Stacks Pro train… Choo Choo!!!


Thank for the info @joeworkman And indeed it is also Stacks Pro for me… i love the Foundation and Total CMS combi and cannot miss the Email stack… easy choice this way ;)

Today another saga has arrived for RW with leaving Setapp , putting a lot of people in doubt again :(

Cool. Good nove to make your position clear, and you are now added to the list.


It’s funny this topic came up again. I have a reminder set for today to check if the "Stacks Pro App is a thing yet "…